Private photography classes

These classes are for beginners and professionals

For the beginner group, Photoshop is a prerequisite for familiarity with the software environment and will be completed in 8 sessions of 4 hours. Everything that is held in professional classes includes this course, with the difference that everything starts from the beginning and goes from easy to hard. The number of practical classes in this course is much higher so that the student can communicate better with the subject and model without stress.

Professional group: This section is for professional photographers. This group does not need prerequisites and basics, because everyone is familiar with these things. The training of these people emphasizes lighting in the studio and outdoor space so that they can take completely vivid and exaggerated photos. Photos that are the style of Saeed Arab, in which the subjects and the background of the photo are very different. The colors are very bright and rich and the subjects are coming out of the image. Key points of gesture and color training in Photoshop are also key work in these classes. The duration of these classes is 4 days.