About me, Dr Saeed Arab

Once upon a time, a new photographer was born into a family of legends. My father and grandfather were well-known photographers in their day.

 That’s me, a dedicated artist who has fallen in love with the enchantment of capturing moments via the lens. For two decades, I’ve been using light and shadows to tell tales, specializing in anything from wedding and modeling to advertising, kid’s, sports, and architectural photography.

My adventure did not end with learning the skill of photography. I pursued my hunger for education, earning two doctorates, Ph.D in Art with a specialty on Photography and the other in Business Administration (DBA). This unique set of talents enables me to combine creativity and strategic thought, distinguishing my work in the market.


My commitment and ability were not overlooked. I’ve earned various photographic honors, as well as the UAE’s Golden Visa for Creative Artists. But the beauty of photography is in sharing, so I became a mentor, leading over 100 seminars and workshops and motivating people to explore the world through my lens. In addition, I have earned several awards and recognitions for creative engagement, judging, organizing photo exhibits, and providing artistic guidance.

I have wrote a book about photography and lighting, sharing my expertise and experience with the world. And, to top it all off, I have a first-class certification in photography and lighting from the United States, demonstrating my abilities and knowledge.

Who are the best wedding photographers around the world?

Every moment, my clients are so incredibly important!

“Shooting day” frequently ranks first on the list of significant “moments” in our lives when we ask ourselves this question. Every time a customer puts their faith in me to capture these moments on camera, it fills me with excitement. You are producing pictures that your grandkids or your company may inherit over the next 50–100 years. It is your need to put in a lot of effort and take excellent pictures for the clients as part of this responsibility. You cannot afford to miss a moment, no matter how small or major, since every moment is unquestionably precious. For this reason, in addition to telling the tale of that day, I’m attempting to create images that will stick in your memory.

Dr Saeed Arab

Lighting and Photography Arbitration

Lighting and Photography Arbitration
Wedding Photography Studio in Dubai & Istanbul, Event Photographer